Learn From 32 Experts in 32 Days: How to Grow Your Email List

I asked 32 of the top email list builders two questions on how they built their list and recommendations for people just getting started. 

For the next 32 days get one piece of advice from an expert on how to build your email list.

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You won't find a better collection of insights anywhere else...

The amount that some of these titans of the industry charge for advice is typically in the thousands and it is all here for you.  Here is a list of your all-stars...

Update: We are now at 32!

- Brian Kurtz, A Godfather of Direct Response

- Dickie Bush, Co-Founder of Ship 30 for 30

- Amanda Natividad, VP Marketing at Sparktoro

- Joe Pulizzi, Co-Founder of Content Marketing Institute and Founder of The Tilt

- Dru Riley, Founder of Trends.vc

- Kevin Rogers, Founder of Copy Chief

- Manu Cinca, Founder of Stacked Marketer 

- Sean D'Souza, Author of The Brain Audit

- Kaleigh Moore, Writer publications like Forbes, Vogue Business

- Eric Jorgenson, Author of The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant

- Neville Medhora, Founder of CopyWritingCourse.com

- Marketing Max, Founder of Growth Hacks University

- Alex Garcia, Founder of MarketingExamined.com

- Justin Welsh, One of the biggest stars on LinkedIn and creator of the LI Operating System

- Dan Koe, Founder of Modern Mastery 

- Jay Clouse, Founder of Creator Science

- Lorrie Morgan, Founder of Red Hot Copy

- Aadit Sheth, One of the fastest rising stars on Twitter

- Matt Bockenstette, Founder of Copy Legends

- Tim Denning, One of the biggest names on Medium.com

- Josh Spector, Founder of For the Interested

- Jacob Cass, Regarded as one of the top branding experts in the world

- Daniel Vassalo, He has become a superstar with his courses, primarily "Portfolio of Small Bets"

- John Bardos, Founder of IdeaEconomy.net

- Dylan Redekop, Founder of Growth Currency Newsletter 

- Sean Anthony, Founder of Email Rainmakers

- Dawn Apuan, Copywriter and funnel strategist

- Michael Roderick, Founder of Small Pond Enterprises and known for his daily emails

- Sylvain Gauchet, Founder of Growth Gems

- Arvid Kahl, The Bootstrap Founder

- Daren Smith, Founder of CraftsmanCreative.co

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