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The "5-Minute Monday" is 3 quick-hitters (hence the 5-minute...) designed to get you thinking early in the week around Marketing, Personal Development and Learning.

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"I love Max’s 5-Minute Monday emails! I find them interesting, inspiring, and they are truly consumable in 5 minutes or less. I often shelf most “guru” emails in an email folder because they are full of fluff or not immediately actionable. Max consistently offers great suggestions for marketing techniques and resources to check out, and I look forward to his tips and tools.  If you’re looking to “up” your marketing game, I recommend Max’s insightful bite-size tips"

Bryan Clark, MA

Customer Experience Innovator

Actionable Ideas

"5MM gives me quick insight on a new idea or juggles my memory of something important that I can use right away. The ideas are Actionable, Thought-Provoking, and Motivating and in less than 5 minutes I am Monday-ready! What an invigorating way to start the week! Thanks Max!"
Alicia Berberich

Copy Coach

"5-minute Monday allows me to get in the creative flow each and every week. It keeps me focused so I accomplish what TRULY needs to get done to continually move the needle in my business."

The Wolf of Copy -

"My inbox can get pretty overwhelming, but I’ve really been enjoying Max’s 5 Minute Monday emails.

Quick to the point and gives me something to keep in mind for the week."

Email Marketing and Automation

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3 actionable insights to make you feel that make you feel like you accomplished something before the week even starts!

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